Matrix Homeserver (Using Riot.im)

Hardc0ded has a Matrix.org homeserver for friends and collaborators.

The most full-featured web client is Riot.im. There are also builds of Riot for desktop, Android, and iOS. Refer to the Riot front page for more information on the supported platforms.

To get started, visit the Riot.im web interface, and click on "Register" in the upper left.

This will bring you to the registration page. Fill in the information, choosing to enter either an e-mail address or a phone number. The form says they're optional, but at least one is required to be able to complete registration with this server due to the captcha/verification step.

The most important part is to select "Custom server" at the bottom of the form and replace the default homeserver (https://matrix.org) with this server (https://hardc0ded.com).